April 12, 2018


Festivities on the West Coast!!



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MARADMINS : 540/19

R 011232Z OCT 19
REF/A/DOC/MCO 1650.61 W/ CH1//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  To solicit nominees for the 2019 USMC GOMA awards.  The GOMA was established to recognize the outstanding achievements of individual Ground Ordnance Maintenance Marines on an annual basis.
1.a.  The four award categories are as follows:
1.a.1.  Marine Corps Ground Ordnance Maintenance Officer of the Year.
1.a.2.  Marine Corps Ground Ordnance Maintenance Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) of the Year.
1.a.3.  Marine Corps Ground Ordnance Maintenance Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year.
1.a.4.  Marine Corps Ground Ordnance Maintenance Marine of the Year.
2.  Situation.  Selection of award recipients will be made by an awards board convened by Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), Installations and Logistics (I and L).  The board will be comprised of senior members of the Ground Ordnance Maintenance community.  The announcement of award winners and amplifying instructions regarding the presentation of awards will be provided in future correspondence.
2.a.  The evaluation of Individual Award submissions are based on the following four evaluation factors.
2.a.1.  Mission Accomplishment:  The service member’s efforts must reflect impact beyond that of the individual’s peer group and be directly related to the unit's or supported unit’s ability to accomplish its mission.
2.a.2.  Problem Solving:  The service member’s actions must clearly demonstrate their ability to resolve complex problems and markedly define the impact to the unit's or supported unit's mission.
2.a.3.  Leadership:  The service member’s actions must display the exceptional leadership traits and principles associated with leading subordinates, peers, teams, and organizations while contributing to unit readiness and mission accomplishment.
2.a.4.  Impact of Actions:  The service member’s actions must clearly illustrate the impact on unit and supported unit mission accomplishment while improving unit readiness.
3.  Action.  Commands with personnel who meet the prerequisites contained in the reference are encouraged to submit nominations.  Commands are directed to review reference (a) in its entirety and ensure that individual nomination packages are created and submitted in accordance with the reference and the information contained in this MARADMIN.
3.a.  The 2019 GOMA competitive period is the 12-month period beginning 1 October 2018 and ending 30 September 2019.
3.b.  All nominations must be received by HQMC, I and L, Logistics Policy and Capabilities Branch (LPC-1) no later than 30 November 2019.  Due to the volume of award recommendations received, late or incomplete nomination packages will be rejected.  Commands are directed to scan and save packages in Portable Document Format (PDF) and send the file to the message points of contact via the Department of Defense Safe Access File Exchange (DOD SAFE) using https:(slash)(slash)safe.apps.mil/.  Packages submitted via United States mail service will not be accepted.
3.c.  It is highly recommended each command identified in the reference publish a submission schedule in order to screen, evaluate, and select nominations allowing sufficient time for the nomination package to arrive at HQMC, I and L, LPC-1 no later than 30 November 2019.
3.d.  Commands are encouraged to conduct an internal board of all nomination packages and forward one package per category.  This will ensure each command submits the most qualified candidate(s) to represent their organization.
4.  Responsibilities.  HQMC, I and L, LPC-1 is responsible for coordinating Marine Corps participation for all GOMA selections and ceremonies conducted by the awards sponsor.
5.  Reserve applicability.  The GOMA is applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
6.  Address questions pertaining to this MARADMIN to the above mentioned points of contact.
7.  Release authorized by LtGen C. G. Chiarotti, Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (L).//

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On 6 November 2019 we have a confirmed social event at Austin’s Firegrill located at 2817 Old Dawson Rd. Albany, GA at 1800. To date, we have 15 confirmed. This is open to all Ordnance Marines and their guests. If interested in attending, please contact Charles Bushnell via email at Chairman@usmcgoma.org so he can make sure enough seating is available. This count can be adjusted up the the day of the event, so please pass the word!
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GOMAG AMHS is out!

Download:  fy19gomag

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Good Afternoon,

I wanted to announce my retirement ceremony and say thank you for everything you have done for me and the Marines.  During my career I have been led, taught, coached, mentored and supported by some of the greatest people.  I appreciate you!

Understanding the timing may not be right and you may not be able to attend, I'd be remiss of my duties if I did not extend the invitation.  If I can do anything for you or the institution after my departure, please don't hesitate to reach out via the email address in the (To:) line or LinkedIn.

Please view the link below to RSVP.  For any/all questions please contact me. Thank you again for assisting me in having a great career!


To view your invitation please click the link below.
If you are unable to click on the link please copy and paste the address
into your web browser.


MGySgt Sweeney
G4 Ordnance Chief MFR  

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Good Morning GOMA members,

I want to thank those that called in or tried to call in to our meeting last night, your sage guidance was very helpful. The minutes from the meeting will soon be published.

The major topic at last nights meeting was the upcoming elections. These elections will be done through Survey Monkey, the same method we used during the voting of the Bylaws in 2014. A link will be sent out via email to all current members and it will be posted on the webpage on 15 November with voting to end on 29 November. This will allow a two week voting period. Nominations are still being accepted and encouraged for all positions but nominations will be closed on 8 November, 2018 so hurry to get your name in to Robert Charlton and to the GOMA Secretary.

Our current nominations are as follows:

  •                 Chairman –MGySgt Charles Bushnell (Ret)
  •                 Vice-Chairman – MGySgt Mike Lewis (Ret)
  •                 Secretary – CWO4 Jerod Murphy
  •                 Treasurer – CWO2 Scott Burns (Ret)

The Survey Monkey process will allow you to vote once and that is based on you being a valid member.

You should have received a link to the web page telling you to log in. This info is what is used to validate your membership. If you did not get that please email myself and the vice chairman so we can get this corrected prior to the the start of the voting.

Please share this with anyone you think I may have missed so that the word gets spread.

- Chairman, USMC GOMA

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The GOMA MARADMIN (480/18) is out!  Complete those submissions to recognize those great Ordnance Marines in your units!

There can be only one!


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The GOMA MARADMIN (097/17) is out!  Start working those submissions to recognize those great Ordnance Marines in your units!  There can be only one!

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